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Vineland Public Schools announces Governor's Educator of the Year Program recipients

Vineland Public Schools today announced the recipients of the Governor’s Educator of the Year Program, which includes both teachers and service professionals.

In order to be nominated for the award, educators must meet all of the following requirements: Be a licensed classroom teacher (pre-K through grade 12) in a public or charter school; must have achieved a 2017-18 summative rating of at least Effective; If the teacher or educational services professional has not received a 2017-18 summative rating at the time of application, then their practice rating should be at least Effective or the equivalent; be a dedicated and skilled teacher leader who anticipates actively continuing in his/her teaching career for at least five (5) more years; inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn; demonstrate strong ability to foster excellence in education as evidenced by ongoing contributions to the improvement of student learning and the learning environment; demonstrate leadership in educational activities at the school, district, and/or state and national level that take place both within or outside the school setting; have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues; demonstrate poise, eloquence, and the ability to maintain a demanding schedule; have not earned the title of Teacher of the Year for the past five (5) years; have teaching as their primary responsibility rather than administrative or supervisory responsibilities.

Educational Services Professionals must be classified under one of the following titles: Associate School Library Media Specialist, Behavior Specialist, Bullying Specialist, Cooperative Education Coordinator, Cooperative Education Coordinator / Hazardous Occupations, Director of School Counseling Services / Child Study Team, Educational Interpreter (Cued Speech Transliteration, Oral Interpreting, Sign Language Interpreting), Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant, Mathematics Specialist / Mathematics Coach, Paraprofessional, Reading Specialist / Reading Coach, School Athletic Trainer, School Counselor, School Library Media Specialist, School Nurse (Instructional and Non-Instructional), School Occupational Therapist, School Physical Therapist, School Psychologist, School Social Worker, Speech-Language Specialist and Student Assistance Coordinator.

Recipients of the award include: Vineland High School – Donna Garrett (teacher) and Kathleen McCabe (social worker); Lincoln Avenue Middle School – Renee Carfagno (teacher) and Ryan Suppi (guidance counselor); Veterans Memorial Intermediate School – Emily Diaz Chard (teacher, 13 years) and Lauren Figarole (paraprofessional/instructional, 9 years); Wallace Middle School – Kathryn Checkley (teacher, 14 years) and April Ward (paraprofessional/instructional, 23 years); Barse Elementary School – Peter Moniodis (teacher, 21 years) and Ellen Lutz (paraprofessional, 26 years); D’Ippolito Elementary School – Denise Leshay (teacher) and Carmina Lopresti (nurse); Durand Elementary School – Lauren Coia (teacher, 10 years) and Anita English (instructional assistant, 10 years); Mennies Elementary School – Lucienne Prato (teacher) and Danielle Burns (basic skills teacher); Petway Elementary School – Victoria Kaffenberger (teacher, 16 years) and Rhonda Nonnemacher (aide, 4 years); Rossi Elementary School – Megan Bernhardt (teacher, 13 years) and Jane Bassetti (instructional assistant, 21 years); Sabater Elementary School – Dana Martino (teacher, 20 years) and Rosita Harris (instructional assistant, 18 years); Winslow Elementary School – Kara Rehm (teacher, 15 years) and Josephine Rodriguez (instructional assistant, 20 years); Dallago Early Childhood Center – Stephanie Haines (teacher, 9 years) and Diane Berezin (nurse, 18 years); and AMSA at Johnstone School – Eileen Love (teacher, 18 years).

The recipients will be honored at the Board of Education meeting this spring.