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VHS science fans celebrate anniversary of the Periodic Table

Chemistry fans got to celebrate a milestone at Vineland High School this week as part of the International Year of the Periodic Table. VHS and students from the Applied Math and Science Academy (AMSA) took part in the festivities through a series of fun and competitive events in honor of the 150th anniversary of the periodic table. 
VHS chemistry teacher Vicki Yeager was awarded a grant by ACS-Hach to host a competition celebrating the periodic table. As part of the day-long event, the nearly 50 students competed in tests of wit, speed, and knowledge to earn a Golden Erlenmeyer Flask trophy. Also on display around the media center in VHS South were various projects created by the students, including a period table resembling an abacus and the “egg”cellent periodic table, incorporating colorful plastic eggs. 
The highlight of the event, however, was the unveiling of the “Periodic Table of Vineland,” a project Yeager has been working on for the last two years. The impressive display features all 118 elements in the form of signs from local businesses. 
“The table represents two years of planning, researching, driving, photographing, printing, and assembling,” said Yeager. 
Most symbols were chosen on a first-see, first-use basis, with several taken by chemistry students looking for extra credit. The table also poses as a historic marker, with several of the signs used coming from businesses that are no longer around. Sears, Golden Corral, and Toys R Us are some of the defunct businesses living on through the elements. Several different district schools also made the cut, including VHS South, Winslow Elementary School, the Dennis Tanner Building (VHS-North), and the Landis Administrative Offices.
“My intention was to use as many businesses as possible without duplication,” Yeager said, noting that the photos were taken randomly and without favoritism.
Also attending the festivities were Superintendent Dr. Mary Gruccio, Assistant Superintendent Nathan Frey, Supervisors of Instruction Katherine Rivera, Lauren DeBello, and Nancy Hollenweger, and members of the VHS and AMSA science department.

Click the following link for photos from the day:

VPS Broadcasting was also at the event and a short news piece can be viewed on our YouTube channel, VLDSchoolsTV, shortly.