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VHS Fine and Performing Arts Academy now taking applications

Students with a love of the arts will now have a chance to hone their skills and concentrate their studies on their area of interest through the new Vineland High School Visual and Performing Arts Academy, set to launch in September 2019. 
The Academy will foster independent thinking in a creative and challenging environment by providing a diversified curriculum and environment for bright and talented individuals and prepare students for higher education and professions in the arts. The Academy will be broken into five tracks the student may choose from Dance, Instrumental Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, and Vocal Music. Students must fill out an application and audition for their program. A list of dates and requirements can be found on their website, which is also linked to the Vineland High School webpage. 
Students will receive a specialized fine arts education along with their traditional high school courses, according to Ross Stanger, Supervisor of Instruction. One of the goals of the Academy is to allow students to view the world through an integrating arts lens. Art scholars will explore, create and connect their discipline through the studies of History, English, World Language, and Science. 
The VPAA courses will focus on practical, hands-on experiences with the community and professional organizations, such as Walnut Street Theater, and involve guest professional working artists. Experiences as such will provide real-world knowledge in pupils’ chosen fields. The Academy has partnered with local colleges and universities throughout the state to provide internship opportunities, along with seminars and workshops. Learners will collaborate with these organizations to create, perform and respond as they enhance their professional experience. 
The academy programs are designed for students who are enrolled in college prep, honors, and AP courses. The Academy will continue to build art-specific knowledge and college preparedness by offering AP Studio Art 2D, AP Drawing, and AP Music Theory. 
For those interested in applying, please visit the Visual and Performing Arts Academy website, found on the Vineland High School page or by clicking the link below. The site contains information about each Academy, contact information, the application and audition requirements. A second round of auditions will be held May 8th for all art disciplines in the south building B-wing. For more information, please contact the prospective arts teacher via email.