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Rossi School hosts Multicultural Day

Third graders at Rossi Elementary School got a lesson in multiculturalism on November 30 as the school hosted a Multicultural Event, sponsored by the Vineland Education Association.

The event kicked off with a special presentation by Juliana Frankenfield’s American Sign Language 3 and 4 class and James Firn’s German 3 and 4 class from Vineland High School. The third graders learned how to sign various letters, numbers, colors, countries, and animals. Students also learned how to say song titles, phrases, and various words in German as they pertained to the upcoming holiday season.

The attendees were then able to rotate throughout the countries of Italy, Poland, Greece, Jamaica, China, and Mexico. While at these stations, everyone was able to learn about the various cultures, taste a favorite local snack of the community, and take home a keepsake item. The event also had beautiful murals representing the various countries famous landmarks and iconic features on display. These murals were designed by Rossi School’s art teacher, Dayna Ensminger, and beautified by the third-grade students.

A special thank you goes out to grant writers Nikki Platt and Kelsey Peretti, as well as the entire third grade staff for all of their hard work getting this event to run smoothly.

Click the following link for submitted photos from the event: