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Middle school students win bikes in reading contest

Two district middle school students received an early holiday gift this year, courtesy of middle school library/media specialist Sally Goode and the generosity of a classmate. 
Goode, who is the library/media specialist for all three district middle schools, is known for constantly finding ways to invite students into the libraries she oversees. Utilizing a variety of 21st-century skills, she engages with teachers and students alike through projects involving 3D printers, green screens, a book creator app, and more. 
This year, Goode created a contest to encourage students to read and use other resources to enhance it. Students had to read a book in the library, write a summary about it, and then either create and act out a scene from the book or do a book talk about it. Those who participated in the contest were entered into a drawing for a new bicycle, donated by Goode and her husband. 
Winner at Wallace Middle School was sixth-grader Jonathan Cintron. Jonathan, a bilingual student, chose the book Don Quijote para siempre (Don Quixote Forever) and gave a book talk, speaking enthusiastically with great inflection in Spanish for a full five minutes about the book. His classmates eagerly applauded him when Goode and his teacher, Desiree Vargas, made the announcement that he had won. Jonathan previously walked to school each day. 
At Veterans Memorial School, a lesson in selflessness and generosity accompanied the award, as seventh-grader Justly Smith was named the winner for her presentation on the book Bridge to Terabithia. In the spirit of the holidays, Justly told library assistant Delilah Aponte and others than if she won, she wanted to give her bike to her friend, Jayda Givens. Justly became emotional when describing what she thought the bike would mean to her friend. She credited Aponte for helping her with the requirements of the contest and shared a hug with Goode before gifting the bike to Jayda.


Pictured, from left to right: Michael Sullivan, Assistant Principal of Wallace School; Ross Stanger, Supervisor of Instruction; Jonathan Cintron; Desiree Vargas, Bilingual Math & Science Teacher, Wallace School; Debra Quinn, Principal, Wallace School; and Sally Goode, Middle School Library/Media Specialist

Pictured, left to right: Sally Goode, Middle School Library/Media Specialist; Delilah Aponte, Library Assistant; Justly Smith; Hope Johnson, Principal, Veterans Memorial; and Ross Stanger, Supervisor of Instruction

Justly Smith, left, and Jayda Givens 
Video: Jonathan Cintron’s book talk

Video: Justly Smith’s presentation