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Information regarding P-EBT Benefits

Attention parents and guardians: New Jersey was one of a few states that was able to issue P-EBT benefits for September under short federal notice to students engaged in remote learning for 5 consecutive days at schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program. Benefits in the amount of $99.62 per child were issued on September 25th to eligible children that were able to be matched to a SNAP case. For those that were not matched to an active SNAP case, benefits will be issued to a P-EBT card and mailed in October to the address previously received from the school. If you have questions, please visit and click on the scrolling banner “Special Food Assistance for Children.” There are many frequently asked questions on the website that may be beneficial for parents such as how to obtain a replacement card due to an address issue (contact the local county board of social services) or how to activate the card (use the date of birth of the child named on the card or the date 09082020 if the DOB provided was invalid). There is also a link on the website for parents to submit an inquiry form if they have specific questions that are not answered in the FAQ. The website will be updated shortly to include FAQs regarding the most recent issuance for September.

Please note that the P-EBT program expired on September 30, 2020. There is a continuing resolution to extend the program that is making its way through Congress. We will monitor its progress and any impact on the extension of the P-EBT program. Please visit the P-EBT website to review the FAQs and click on the provided link on the website to complete an inquiry form if you need further assistance. Staff with the Office of Program Operations will respond to your online inquiry as quickly as possible. The customer service team and the county offices only have access to student’s information which has completed processing, not that which is still being worked on.

If you received a P-EBT card, but your child does not receive free- or reduced-price school meals and you believe you are not eligible for these benefits, please do not use the card and contact your school to confirm. If you received the card in error, please return it by mailing it to the address on the back of the card. If you received more P-EBT benefits than you should have, please do not use the extra P-EBT benefits. Report the error to your local board of social services.