Working Together for a Bright Future

First meeting of Men of Honor club held at Rossi School

Several fifth-grade young men at Rossi Elementary School enjoyed the first meeting of the Men of Honor Club on Wednesday, led by fifth-grade teacher Darryl Price. Special guests for the first meeting were Superintendent Alfonso Llano and Board of Education member Cedric Holmes. 

Price started the club this year to help provide guidance and character development for its members. They will learn basic skills, such as how to tie a tie, dress for professional situations, and be a role model for their classmates and community. 

Price began the meeting by providing some background on why he wanted to start the club. He reflected on his time in school as a student-athlete, the impact dressing up on game days had on his teammates and the sense of camaraderie they gained. It also provided valuable life skills for himself and his teammates, as they learned to present themselves as professionals. Price credits his mother and his wife for being two important role models in his life, who always pushed him to be a better version of himself. He hopes that the Men of Honor club will help expose its members to adult role models, different topics, and different activities that will allow them to contribute to society by positively influencing others. 

Llano addressed the students next, discussing the importance of preparation, a valuable life skill. Each student took turns describing how they prepare for their days, from brushing their teeth and eating a good breakfast to planning out when to do their homework and fit in activities like playing basketball and video games. Llano then explained how successful planning and routines could help students achieve their goals, solve problems, and make the most of their free time. 

Holmes then took the spotlight and said a few words on the importance of professional dress. He led the students - with the help of Llano and Price - in a demonstration on how to tie a Windsor knot. Each student received a practice tie from a group of ties generously donated by Rossi staff members. The students eagerly followed the instructions, with many helping fellow classmates as they got stuck on specific steps. One by one, each Man of Honor stepped up to the classroom mirror to admire their successful knots. 

After the demonstration, each student received a brand new black necktie to keep. The club plans to meet throughout the rest of the school year to continue to learn new skills and grow. 

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