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Eleven district schools receive Five-Star safety award from Vineland Health Department

Eleven Vineland Public Schools were among the 37 food establishments that earned the Five-Star Award for outstanding sanitation and food safety from the Vineland Health Department.

Due to COVID restrictions, the certificates were not able to be handed out at the Vineland City Council meeting as they have in the past. 

Dining establishments are nominated for the award by the city’s health inspectors if they are impressed by the efforts made to ensure public health and safety. 

“We are so proud of our staff for going above and beyond this year during the pandemic,” said Purvesh Patel, Executive Director of Food Service. “Not only did they keep the safety of our students in mind, they helped provide them with meal stability during this very difficult time.”

Schools receiving the awards this year include: Barse Elementary School, D’Ippolito Elementary School, Durand Elementary School, Memorial Middle School, Mennies Elementary School, Petway Elementary School, Pilla Middle School, Rossi Elementary School, Vineland High School, Wallace Middle School, and Winslow Elementary School. 

The criteria for the award are as follows:

• The facility must have received only "satisfactory" ratings during the past year. It must excel in those food safety practices that have proven to reduce food-borne illness such as in cooking, cooling, reheating, and personal hygiene.

• No confirmed food-borne illness has occurred at your establishment during the past year.

• Vineland’s retail food license must be current.

• The manager or employee must be a "certified food-handler" by the Vineland Health Department or similar agency.

• No evidence of smoking in any preparation area and appropriate smoking policy sign must be posted at the public entrance (if applicable). Each establishment may consider adopting a "smoke-free" policy.

• Some extra effort must be made for sanitation such as self-inspections, in-house training, or many employees being certified at a food handler’s course. Records must be available as proof.


Click the following link for a full list of the award winners: