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Breakfast/lunch distribution information

Breakfast and lunch will be available at 7 a.m. - 11 a.m. at your child’s school on Wednesday, March 18; Thursday, March 19; and Friday, March 20.

Beginning Monday, March 23, the school will be open at 7 a.m. - 11 a.m. on Mondays only to pick up breakfast and lunch for your children for the week.  This service is available to all families.  On Monday, March 23, March 30, and April 6, you are asked to bring your child’s identification number to his/her school when you pick up food. If you have children in different schools, please go to the school of your youngest child.

For students in the VHS North, Cunningham and Johnstone schools, food will be available for pick up at VHS South.  All preschool families can pick up food for their children at one location: Dallago Preschool (240 S. W. Ave. - 6th Street entrance). 

If your child attends an out of district school and you would like access to breakfast and lunch please stop by one of the schools listed below:

All schools will be open on the dates listed above from 7AM - 11AM.

Barse - front entrance

Dallago - front entrance (6th street)

D’Ippolito - front entrance

Durand - front entrance

Memorial- bus entrance SW area

Mennies - front entrance

Petway - front entrance

Pilla - bus entrance area - NW area

Rossi - front entrance

Sabater - front entrance (Blvd. side)

VHS Campus including Johnstone - South cafeteria entrance

Wallace - front entrance

Winslow - front entrance