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Artwork by Wallace School students on display in Atlantic City

Students from Wallace Middle School are taking part in an innovative and unique art show by creating their own original Origami Art to be displayed at the Noyes Arts Garage in Atlantic City as part of their “Cruise: An Artistic Drive Thru Experience” display.

The display, entitled “Kaleidoscope of the Soul,” contains a larger message, according to Wallace art teacher Sandra Carberry.

“This is a memorial to all of those close to us that we have lost as of late, from both Covid 19 and other causes,” Carberry said. “Butterflies are meant to be messengers from our loved ones to let us know that they are close by. A group or swarm of butterflies is called a Kaleidoscope. This is the origin for the title of our collaborative work.”

The small, geometric butterflies appear to be floating throughout the large piece of artwork. Each butterfly is meant to represent a loved one. Each shape is made up of units, both large and small. Students and staff members wrote the name of a loved one that they have lost either to the Covid 19 virus or from some other tragedy on their butterflies.

“All of us have been affected by the virus in so many ways,” Carberry said. “Many of us have not been able to have closure for the loss of our loved ones because of this virus no matter the cause of their passing. We can not gather to say goodbye to them, we can not gather in support of one another and we can not gather as ‘family’ to heal and mend. This artwork is a representation of those who have gone before us but are still surrounding and watching over us. It is a part of all of us and I hope it helps heal your heart, as well as my school family, heal a little bit by thinking on it.”

Cruise: An Artistic Drive Thru Experience will be held from March 19 through April 5 from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. at The Noyes Art Garage 2200 Fairmount Ave. Atlantic City, NJ 08401. Explore four floors of fun, including a Broadway Singer, artwork, thousands of bubbles, model trains, musicians, a night laser and light show on the rooftop, and more. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting Use promo code CRUISESCHOOL10 and a portion of your ticket will go directly to Wallace School. Please be sure to follow proper COVID-19 guidelines when visiting. More information can be found at


View a promo video of the art display here: