Transportation & Registration

Transportation & Registration

The Vineland Public Schools Transportation/Registration Department, located at 61 West Landis Avenue, is now offering a number of services by appointment only. Those services include: preschool student registration, kindergarten registration, student transfers (into the district), address changes, and private school transportation applications.

Parents are urged to register their children as soon as possible. Please pick up the Registration Packets in advance at the Transportation/Registration Department, located at 61 West Landis Avenue.

Children entering school for the first time must have a birth certificate and a complete medical record of DPT series, polio series, measles vaccines (rubella and rubeola) and mumps vaccine.

Also required is proof of residence -- utility or tax bill, copy of mortgage or property deed, or copy of apartment lease.

Any pupil who is transferring into the public schools of Vineland needs a birth certificate, medical record, a transfer from the sending school, and proof of residence.

Kindergarten School Entrance Age - Effective September, 2005, a child is eligible for entrance into Kindergarten who will have attained the age of 5 years on or before October 1st of the year in which entrance is sought.

This date also applies to students entering the Preschool Program. Students need to be 3 years old on or before October 1 for entrance into Preschool. (per Board Policy revision November 10, 2004).

Phone: 856-794-6700, ext. 2210

Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Student Registration is by appointment only, please schedule your appointment below:

Vineland Public Schools

61 W. Landis Avenue
Phone: (856) 794-6700 | Fax: (856) 794-9464

2020-21 Registration Packets

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Z Pass Information

Parent Z-Pass Registration

You can re-activate your child's account by visiting You will need to delete your child from your account and than you will need to re-enter their information and  Z-Pass card number. This will reactive their listing and allow you to receive texts.  Please remember your child's name is case senative and must be entered exactly how it is written on their z-pass card.  If you should have any trouble please contact Z-Pass + Technical support at (877)-843-3847.

First Time Z-PAss + Registration

You can activate your account by visiting You will need your child’s Z Pass card number. After activating your Z Pass+ account, you can log in to the password protected website to view your child’s bus riding activity. Your child’s personal information is never accessible to anyone not authorized by you to use Z Pass+.

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