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Employee Leave of Absence

Employee Leave of Absence

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A request for leave of absence must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.  A leave of absence is defined as 5 - 6 consecutive days of absence, depending on your position.  The 14-day notification may be waived in an emergency situation.  The employee must submit completed and authorized documentation prior to the commencement of the leave.

After completing the Leave of Absence Request form, review the instructions for Requesting a Leave of Absence.

Sick Leave/Sick Days

Teachers, as certificated individuals, are statutorily limited in the use of their accrued sick days to their own illness.  Certificated individuals are unable to invoke a need for Family Illness for sick leave.  

Signed medical documentation stating a general reason for absence is required for any absence of 3 days or more.  The district does not seek or desire private medical information; however, a general reason for absence from school must be given.

Information and Forms

Medical: Medical Certification for Leave of Absence


Maternity / Child Rearing:


Intermittent FMLA: Intermittent FMLA form (employee illness)


Educational / Personal: Unpaid - Submit written request


Military: Submit written request along with military orders


Health Benefit Coverage on Unpaid LOA: Info Sheet