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What is R.O.P.E.S.?

High School Juniors!!! This is an excellent opportunity to experience college, earn college credit.... and learn more about the college experience.

There will be two information sessions coming up!  I strongly suggest you attend the first virtual info session, hosted by Rowan University.

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Our Mission

Education is a shared responsibility of all the stakeholders in the community and our children are our community's most valuable asset. All students can learn and are entitled to a learning environment that is safe, orderly and stimulating. Knowledge empowers and students should have equal access to a variety of experiences in pursuit of academic excellence in preparation of all future endeavors.

Every person deserves respect; therefore, we should empower our students to recognize the importance of positive attitude, respect, and values. Character-building is essential students’ social and emotional growth, physical well-being and, civic responsibility as contributing members of our community. Thus, it is essential for our school to strive to understand the personalities, abilities and needs of our students.



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