CHAMPP Program

CHAMPP Program

The CHAMPP Program is a collaboration between Petway Elementary School and Cunningham Academy. This cross-age program, which meets twice a month, increases engagement and builds connections between both groups of students. Mentors develop leadership, responsibility and personal pride as they tutor their mentee in math and reading, research and lead a STEM activity, and engage in meaningful conversations.  Petway Patriots increase academic competencies, hypothesize and learn during the STEM activity, and have an opportunity to develop an additional trusting relationship.  

This partnership has far exceeded our expectations.  Watching the student growth, for both the Cunningham Academy students and Petway students, academically, socially, and personally has been remarkable.  Cunningham students who came in a little unsure and very reserved have now developed self-confidence and independence.  They enjoy researching lessons to share with their young partners and reflect on the academic skills the Patriots are learning.  The mentees from Petway look forward to the interaction and have made efforts to impress their mentors by mastering new academic skills. 

Recently, the CHAMPP group created a Fantastic Foamy Fountain, also known as Elephant Toothpaste.  Students watched as typical household materials were combined to create a fun foamy solution.  Students hypothesized about what would happen before the experiment and were most surprised not by the growth of the mixture, but by the change in temperature that occurred. 

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Video of Elephant Toothpaste