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Wallace students get lesson in healthy food choices

Students at Wallace Middle School learned a valuable lesson on nutrient content and healthy eating options today as part of Sodexo Food Service’s campaign to encourage students to find healthier alternatives to their favorite foods and drinks.

The students first observed a lesson led by Sodexo’s Registered Dietician Michelle Martucci on the deceptive amounts of sugar in some common beverages. Martucci explained how to find and calculate the amount of sugar in a drink and provided an example of a “typical day” of drinks and how much hidden sugar they contained, much to the shock of the students. 

The students were then provided with a healthier alternative in the form of fruit smoothies. Director of Food Service Purvesh Patel and head chef Mark Daino each manned a blender and set out to make fruit smoothies for the class to try. Daino created a smoothie that contained yogurt while Patel offered a dairy-free option.

“We’re hoping to engage the students,” said Patel. “There are so many healthier options to their favorite foods and drinks. If we can expose them to these options, hopefully, they will begin to make more nutritious choices. They can have a great-tasting drink that’s good for them, too.”

After some deliberation between the students, both came out with slightly different – yet equally delicious – drinks. After each student had a chance to sample the two smoothies, the class took a vote. Patel’s fruit-only smoothie came out on top with a close 12-11 vote.

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VPS Broadcasting was at the demonstration and a short news piece can be found on our YouTube channel here: