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VHS students named as finalists for county and state Teen Arts Festival

Congratulations to the Vineland High School Visual Art and Dance Department for their success at the Cape May & Cumberland County Teen Arts Festival! Visual Art Instructor Jennie Martorano had four students selected as visual art finalists for the 2021 Cumberland and Cape May Teen Arts Festival. They are Jodi Cruz (Art 4), Tatyanna Mendez (Art 4), Danashia Carter (Art 4) and Sinny Huang (Art 3). Danashia Carter’s “Tribute to Lichtenstein” and Sinny Huang’s “Porcelain Teapot” were both selected to represent Cumberland County Visual Arts category for state level competition. Dance Instructor N’Talia Wilson's choreographed performance titled, "The Pledge for All", was selected to represent Cumberland County for the state level competition in dance. Performers of this dance nomination are Dance III & Dance IV scholars Kendall Corbett, Diamond Davis, Melia Gaines, Melina Gaines, and Mikayla Gatier.


Both teachers would like to thank the students for dedicating their time to commit to learning, showing up after school to record and submit work, and contributing their artistry to the collection of selected dance works and visual art portfolios. A thank you is also extended to VHS principal Suzette Demarchi for brainstorming with the teachers and thinking of spaces to record to further support their learning and talents. Thanks to both teachers for their continued dedication to their students and the arts at Vineland High School.


As a result of this nomination, the students will have the opportunity to participate in Teen Arts States workshops with professional dance and visual artists from June 1-3.


County Finalists and State Entries for the NJ Teen Arts Festival include:


Visual Art:

Danashia Carter (Art 4), "Tribute to Liechtenstein," Mixed Media

Sinny Huang (Art 3), "Porcelain Teapot," Mixed Media

Tatyanna Mendez (Art 4), "Monochromatic Self-Portrait," Acrylic

Jodi Cruz (Art 4), "Tchaivkovsky," Pen & Ink



"The Pledge For All"