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Forty-seven VHS students receive Seal of Biliteracy Award

  Forty-seven students who excelled in six foreign languages were honored May 2 at the Second Annual Vineland High School World Languages Awards Ceremony, held in the VHS South auditorium.

  The ceremony recognized the recipients of the Seal of Biliteracy, which distinguishes public high school graduates who have attained a level of proficiency in speaking, reading, listening, and writing in one or more world languages, in addition to English. Vineland was one of the seven pilot districts for the program, which was signed into law two years ago. Languages that students received their awards in included American Sign Language, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

  Speaking on behalf of the recent honorees was senior Katia Antonetti, who received the Seal of Biliteracy in American Sign Language this year. Antonetti noted that learning another language goes beyond just learning the words; it also requires them to learn a variety of sounds, signs, and gestures. She went on to describe how assisting a deaf client at work was one of the most rewarding experiences she has had since learning the language.

   “The biggest thing I have taken from my 4 years of the language I chose, was seeing the different cultures and being able to shave an insight the Deaf community,” she said.

  Vlada Jackson, Russian teacher, honored the students who received a host of medals and other honors at the recently held Delaware Valley Olympiada of Russian Language and Civilization. Drawing on the long-established practice of oral exams and competitions within the Russian educational system, the Olympiada contests in the United States have provided a forum for successive generations of U.S. high school students of Russian to demonstrate excellence in Russian language, and to test their knowledge of spoken Russian in open competitions. This year, 16 students received medals in the Olympiada.


The Seal of Biliteracy recipients included:

American Sign Language: Katia Antonetti, Gabe Guenther, and Skye Miranda

German: Broderick Powers and Kiara Webster

Portuguese: Consuelo Cardoza Chavez

Russian: Elizabeth Baranovskaya and Igor Shanava

Spanish: Nailah Acevedo, Maria Aldama, Jennifer Bermudez, Deyvid Campos, Janeth Cano, Consuelo Cardoza Chavez, Giovanna Colon, Marbella Cuevas-Hernandez, Rayniero Cuevas Matos, Giovanni Figueroa, Victor Ochoa, Evelia Perez, Monica Perez Bautista, Yariana Perez Ramos, Kayla Pomales, Lucas Portadin, Victoria Rodriguez, Kenny Rojas Tezna, Erika Sanchez, Jessica Sanchez-Miranda, Liz Santiago, Maredsy Sosa, Henesis Vasquez, Melanie Veliz, Yeisanai

Cardona Torres, Angel Cintron, William Cruz, Marlenee Dominguez, Aline Estrada, Marilynn Miguel, John Paredes, Jaycob Perez Ramos, Yasmin Quiroz, Alanis Reyes Moreno, Angel Rivera Perez, Wendy Rivera-Lopez, Jeysmarie Rodriguez Ramos, Jesus Rosario, and Natalie Vaquero

Turkish: Sude Karagoz

Russian Olympiada students included:

Elizabeth Baranovskaya, Igor Shanava, Alexandr Gordeyev, Mark Baranovskiy, Daniela Kaplunovska, Diana Pasichnyk, Eleonora Chernenko, Vladislav Zozulya, Peter Glavnik, Charles Farside, Angelina Borshchik, Abigail Tollinchi, Zoe Fisher, Alan Hernandez-Avendano, Tommy Rodriguez, and Christopher Williams

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