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District opens new employee wellness center

Thanks to a grant and generous donations from local business owners Lawrence Bertacchi of Dynamic Fitness Equipment and Dan Falasca, Vineland Public Schools employees are now able to enjoy a brand-new fitness center on site at the Landis Administrative Offices. 
The Landis Health and Wellness Center is open to all district employees. The facility, housed in the former Ippolito Music Hall, can hold approximately 20 people at a time. Staff must read and sign a waiver before receiving swipe card access to the gym, which will be open from 5:30 am to 10:30 pm daily. Inside they will have their choice of free weights, kettlebells, treadmills, an elliptical machine, and several strength-training machines, among others. 
However, the facility is more than just a home for exercise equipment – it is one of the first in a series of ongoing support structures designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the wellness center, the district plans to offer health screenings and educational seminars intended to promote healthy habits that decrease stress, increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, and improve the overall workplace morale. The wellness center has the potential of servicing over 2,000 district employees through expansion to multiple locations and populations. 
There are also plans to add a team comprised of a nurse, nutritionist, and two athletic trainers to assist in biometric screenings - including blood pressure, body mass index, height and weight, blood glucose and cholesterol baseline values - before, during, and after work. There will be educational training sessions about working out, the use of gym equipment, healthy choices, and nutrition. 
In addition to the equipment donations, the remainder of the costs to implement the Wellness Plan will be covered by the Southern Coastal Regional Employee Benefits Fund Wellness Grant, totaling almost $30,000. Because of this, the facility and programs will all be offered to employees without impacting the district’s budget or city taxpayers. The full breadth of the program will go into effect in April 2019.

Photos of the Landis Health and Wellness Center: