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District nurses honored at Board of Education meeting

The Vineland Public School nursing staff was honored at the May 4 Board of Education meeting for their role in keeping students and staff safe, in addition to their normal duties, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nursing Supervisor Josie DeMareo thanked the school nurses for their tireless efforts in attending to the evolving needs of the school community. 

District nursing staff includes: Diane Berezin, Dallago West; Sally Cottrell, Barse; Carmina Lopresti, D’Ippolito; Lillian Bylone, Durand; Sandra Arsenault, AMSA at Johnstone and Dallago East; Karen Gallo, Mennies; Florence Spevak, Petway; Omaira Capriotti, Sabater; Denise Ferrari, Winslow; Kelli Laing, Veterans Memorial; Rhonda Curcio, Rossi; Monica Thomas, Wallace; Frances Mitch-Ratcliff, Pilla; Gina Giuliani, VHS South; Margretta Broome, VHS South; and the Complete Care team at VHS North Tanner Building.

A gallery of photos can be seen here: