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135 student-athletes honored at VHS Senior Athletic Banquet

One hundred and thirty-five senior student-athletes were honored for their contributions to Vineland High School athletics at the first Vineland Athletics Senior Sports Banquet held on June 3 at The Greenview Inn, Eastlyn Golf Course. 
Master of ceremonies was Don Robbins, Supervisor of Athletics at VHS. Guest speakers included John Frangipani, Assistant Superintendent; Scott English, Board of Education president; and Suzette DeMarchi, principal of VHS.
Frangipani began the ceremony by commending the student-athletes for not only their hard work on the field, but also in the classroom. 
“I commend each of you for your hard work and your determination and your dedication to your sport,” Frangipani said. “You’ve given your best to your sport while maintaining your grades, something that’s difficult and hard to balance at times. It’s obvious you’ve earned the recognition you will receive here this evening.”
English congratulated the student-athletes and their parents for their successes this year, and noted that the bonds formed as being part of a team will remain with them the rest of their lives. 
“We all share and are a part of that special fraternity called high school athletes, and no one can ever take that away from us,” English said. “Now we get ready to welcome a new group of senior athletes into our fraternity with open arms. I ask each of you to cherish the memories, hold on to the friendships made, and the bonds that you built.”
DeMarchi commended the students for their persistent effort both in all areas of their high school careers. 
“As I look out among this group of student-athletes, I can wholeheartedly say that Vineland High School’s athletes make it happen,” DeMarchi said. “Whether in the classroom, practicing your craft, or completing in your athletic event, you make it happen, and you make it matter every day.”
Also honored were Wayne Weaver, Executive Director of Facilities, who will be retiring at the end of the month, and Bruce Trapani, part of the athletic maintenance staff. Weaver was instrumental in many of the athletic facility upgrades over the last few decades, including renovating the tennis courts, the swimming pool, the athletic complex at VHS North, the new weight room at VHS South, and the renovation of Gittone Field. Weaver received a plaque and half of the barbell that was ceremonially cut during the weight room dedication. Trapani, who has been honored at athletic events throughout the school year, received a wooden replica of Rowdy Rooster. 
A highlight of the program was the presentation of the Coaches' Award Winners.
"Coaches Award Winners are not Most Valuable Players,” said Robbins. “In some sports, it might be the athlete that never excelled but was a team leader, at practice every day and personified what that coach wanted his team members to strive for. In other sports, this recipient might be the best athlete in his or her sport, and in many cases, the athlete chosen by the coach was one of a number of choices the coach had but selected this individual to represent all of the athletes from the team.”

The award winners, and their coaches in parentheses:
Wrestling – Ben Robinson (Jake Homiak); Baseball – Shane Vastano (John Malatesta); Boys Basketball – Djorkaeff Campbell (Dan Russo); Girls Basketball – Kaliyah Byrd (junior, William Breese); Fall Cheerleading – Malaysia Nelson (Alene Blizzzard); Winter Cheerleading – Maria Aldama (Alena Blizzard); Boys Crew – Stephen Janetta (Paul Myers); Girls Crew – Germaine Smart-Marshall (John McCarty); Boys Cross Country – Elisha Sotrah (Elliott DeShields); Girls Cross Country – Katia Antonetti (Joel Heider); Field Hockey – Sonialys Badillo (Kate Cronk); Football – Mike Bokma (Dan Russo); Golf – Kevin London (junior, Mike Brosh); Boys Lacrosse – Danny Medina (Cliff Smith); Boys Soccer – Lucas Portadin (Paul Myers); Girls Soccer – Isabella Fiorenza (Leslie Garton); Softball – Sara Parks (Kristina Kulik); Boys Swimming – Dan Merighi (Rich DelValle); Girls Swimming – Megan Murie (Mike Schneider); Boys Tennis – Francis Virtucio (Vince Luciano); Girls Tennis – Sakshi Thakkar (Dom Massaro); Boys Track – Otis Harold III (Elliott DeShields); Girls Track – Sonialys Badillo (Jose Guzman); Boys Winter Track – Quajon Kinsey (Elliott DeShields); Girls Winter Track – Sonialys Badillo (Elliott DeShields); and Diving – Stephen Janetta (Emily Rottkamp)

Senior athletes were honored for their participation as follows:

Boys Tennis: Francis Virtucio, Vedant Patel, Jaykrashna Patel, and Sakshi Thakkar

Girls Crew: Grace Panzini, Germaine Smart-Marshall, Karlee Farrell, Kayleigh Grabowy, and Siara D. Rivera

Boys Crew: Andy Kashani, Jared Russo, Gabriel Fonseca, Tyler Russell, and Stephen Janetta

Boys Lacrosse: Gabe Watson, Andrew Torres, Daniel Medina, Broderick Powers, Brandon Roldan, Ezequiel Resto, Joseph Govan, Isabella Fiorenza, and Carly D’Arrigo

Golf: Ryan Irwin

Girls Tennis: Kara Kuchinski, Reem Alkheel, Wendy Jiang, Christina Singh, and Sakshi Thakkar

Girls Soccer: Isabella Cruz, Isabella Fiorenza, Victoria Garton, Ebelin Hernandez, Ashton Houbary, Sara Parks, Gabriella Perez, Kayla Pomales, Sierra Rivera, Adryanna Valentin, Melanie Veliz, and Victor Ochoa

Football: D’Andre Tull-Kennedy, Otis Harold III, JP Garcia, Isaiah Blakely, Trust Cooper, Nathan Schnell, Philip Blackwell, George Robinson, Brandon Roldan, Jhamir Malloy, Josue Delgado Jr., Elizah Jones, Storm Fields, Shane Ecker, Jorge Acosta, Ronald Jackson, Michael Bokma, Daniel Medina, Brandon Anderson, Gabe Watson, Aaluyah Calderon, and Nadia Calderon

Field Hockey: Maria Aldama, Sonialys Badillo, Meadoe Harrell-Alvarez, Henesis Vasquez, Evin Guilford, Ana Lopez, and Dominique Gillespie

Boys Soccer: Christopher Arellano-Cristanos, Zerian Berrera, Kyle Garrett, Maykon Hernandez-Bautista, Cristian Navas Campos, Lucas Portadin, Ben Robinson Jr., Jose Tito Sanchez, Camron Stahl, George Vera, and Tyler Russell

Boys Cross Country: Isaac Ochoa and Elisha Sotrah

Girls Cross Country: Katia Antonetti, Aliyah Aponte, Marianne Burgess, Carly D’Arrigo, Marlenee Dominguez, Karla Hernandez, Nyah Marshall, McKinleigh Mattie, Abiana Serrano and Kiara Webster

Fall Cheer: Malaysia Nelson and Siani Cross

Girls Basketball: Briel Herbert, Chakyra Moss, Jay’Tyhra King, Cielo Goris, Jewelyn Bruce, and Abigail Perez

Boys Basketball: Isaiah Blakely, Raymond Diggs, Djorkaeff Campbell, Chris Marrero, Joshua Figueroa, Angel Marrero, Kollin Fleeks, and Abiana Serrano

Girls Winter Track: Sonialys Badillo, Aliyah Escobar, McKinleigh Mattie, and Maya Terry

Boys Winter Track: Emerson Hadnot, Otis Harold III, Quajon Kinsey, Tamant Maceia, William Ramos, George Percival, Elisha Sotrah, and D’Andre Tull-Kennedy

Winter Cheer: Maria Aldama, Marianne Burgess, and Victoria Coralluzzo

Girls Swimming: Karlee Farrell, Giavanna Lupi, Megan Murie, Germaine Smart, and Meadoe Harrell-Alvarez

Boys Swimming: Broderick Powers, Joshua Powell, Daniel Merighi, Jarred Russo, Zhi Wei Zheng, and Russell Garrison

Diving: Skye Miranda, Zoe Fisher, Stephen Janetta, and Amanda Fiocchi

Wrestling: Ben Robinson, Jasir Brooks, and Nate Schnell

Softball: Sara Parks, Gabrielle Pratts, and Jazzlyn Rodriguez

Baseball: Brandon Beyer, Ervin Bogan, David Hunsberger, Mark Morris, Hector Perez, Zachary Reynolds, Joel Soler, and Shane Vastano

Boys Track: Isaiah Blakely, Emerson Hadnot, Otis Harold III, Quajon Kinsey, Tamant Maceia, George Percival, Javier Santana, Elisha Sotrah, D’Andre Tull-Kennedy, and Jewelyn Bruce

Girls Track: Sonialys Badillo, Adryanna Valentine, Simileoluwa Adenugba, Maya Terry, McKinleigh Mattie, Aliyah Escobar, and Zierra Miranda


The event was videotaped by VPS Broadcasting and will air on Comcast Channel 9 and Verizon FIOS Channel 41 at a later date. It will also be available on our YouTube channel - VLDSchoolsTV

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