42nd Annual Durand Run

Things were a little different the first Friday in June at Durand Elementary School. Typically there would be over 300 students in grades 2-5 competing in a 2+ mile annual race.  Obviously, things changed during the pandemic, but at Durand, hosting a modified run was was a step, or lap, in the right direction.

On Friday, June 4th just about 90 runners in grades 3 through 5 took to the course for a modified version of the annual Durand Run. Instead of a run through the local neighborhoods, it was strictly on school property and just about a mile in length. The top 10 finishers were awarded with a ribbon and the fastest female and male runners were awarded a trophy.

The top overall winner was 5th grader Erick Romero Hernandez and top female runner, 8th overall, was 4th grader Alyana Garcia. The 10 ten finishers were, in order, Erick Romero Hernandez (5th), Scott Guinup (4th), Julius Rodriguez (5th), Giovanni Zumpano (3rd), Jimmy Figueroa (5th), Ronald Saunders (5th), Angel Perez Matias (5th), Alyanna Garcia (4th), Marcus Ausby (5th), and Alex Pappa (5th). Fingers crossed that the 43rd annual Durand Run will actually bring us back to the days of 300+ runners having a great time and making history at Durand Elementary School.