Last Name First Name Ext. Title/Dept. Email
Arce Margarita 2219 Registration Secretary
Board Conference Room 2040    
Boiler Room   2121    
Boyer Virmarie 2119 Personnel- Mail Room, Badges
Buck Michelle 2308 Special Ed. Financial Secretary
Cardona Yanitza 2205 Registration Secretary
Casazza Cindy 2310 Secretary to Sp-Ed Supervisors & Out of District Child Study Team
Castellini Kelly 2303 Special Ed. Supervisor PreK-Gr. 5
Conde Angel 2218 Transportation Dispatch
Deacon Robert 2157 Technology Support
DeBello Lauren 2023 Supervisor Math
Deitz Donna 2254 Accounts Payable
Diaz Mariita 2006 Secretary to Asst. Superintendent
Durham Nichole 2110 Personnel Officer
Elia Terri 2304 Special Ed. Secretary to Director
ESS   8774 ESS Staffing Coordinator  
Ewen-Magolda Tiffany 2311 Special Ed. CST Out of District Social Worker
Faculty Room   2341    
Freiling Patricia 2309 Special Ed. Records PreK- Gr. 5
Frey Nathan 2015 Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
Godlewski Teri 2300 Special Ed. Director
Greenwood Jamie 2014 Secretary to Asst. Superintendent
Haberler Leah 2215 Transporatation
Hall Michael 2223 Director of Pupil Transportation/Registration
Hart Dave 2264 Business Office Principal Accountant
Hernandez Maritza 2108 Personnel- Pensions, Retirement, Mentoring
Hollenweger Nancy 2328 Supervisor Language Arts
Irvine Kara 2010 Secretary toBusiness Administrator
Johnson Mildred 2246 Business Office, Accounts Receivable, Homeless Tuition and Rentals
Leary Dawn 2004 School Business Administrator
Llano Alfonso 2012 Superintendent
Lynch Kathie 2222 Transportation- CCRC
Maldonaldo Israel 2042 Maintenance Worker -Evenings  
Marcacci Victoria 2258 Accounts Payable
Massey Jean 2266 Payroll Supervisor
McHale Stephanie 2028 Secretary to DeBello/Hollenweger
Melillo Diane 2284 Payroll Administration, Teachers, Students, Transportation
Messore Gia 2103 Communications
Miller Melissa 2312 Special Ed. CST Out of District Psychologist
Musterel Scott 2243 Asst Business Admin/Asst Board Secretary
Negrin JoAnne 2030 Supervisor World Language, BIL & ESL
Noblett Vivian 2253 Transportation Coordinator CCRC
Nonnemacher Alex 2302 Special Ed. Supervisor Grades 6-12
Ostroff Lori 2307 Special Ed. Records MS/HS
Plummer Stephanie 2203 Registration Secretary
Provenzano John 2314 Security Director
Ramdhanie Vanessa 2272 Systems Analyst Computer Operations
Ricketts DoriAn 2274 Registration Secretary to Damary Ferreri
Ridolfo Deana 2313 Supervisor Testing/Guidance
Rivera Katherine 2330 Supervisor Science/Technology
Rivera Maria 2281 Transportation Dispatch
Rodriguez Raquel 2263 Accounts Payable
Rodriguez Kassandra 2208 Transportation Phone Operator
Rossi Joseph 2104 Personnel Executive Director
Salerno Rossini 2002 Secretary to Superintendent
Santiago Alex 2121 Maintenance Worker Daytime
Santiago Sabrina 2240 Payroll- Maintenance, Clerical, Security, Food Service, Aides, Tech, Subs
Santiago Wanda 2018 Secretary to Negrin & Stanger
Security Desk   2148    
Silva Nancy 2353 Secretary to Tech Dept/Ridolfo
Sneathen Danielle 2008 Asst. Superintendent for Administration
Stanger Ross 2016 Supervisor Social Studies/LEAP/Media & Arts
Superintendent's Conference Room 2161    
Suppi Meredith 2209 Transportation Dispatch meredith
Tirado Melissa 2283 Registration Secretary
Tirado-Camara Abby 2130 Personnel- Support Staff, Workers Comp
Torres Gypsy 2120 Personnel- Benefits Coordinator
Transportation Waiting Room 2112    
Trzeciak Jason 2156 Technology
Vega Diana 2113 Personnel- Leaves, Aesop, Subs