General Information

General Information

Started in 2014-15, AMSA stands for the Applied Math and Science Academy.  AMSA is primarily designed for students who love of math and science and are interested in many academic challenges.  The program begins for students in Grade five, and will graduate its first set of students in June 2020.  If this sounds like a program for you or your child, please read further and check out our 'How to Apply' link.

Things To Know:

AMSA is designed so that instead of memorizing facts, students apply them to real-world contexts and problems.  

All students receive a Mac Book Air computer free of charge upon entry, which they use to collaborate and do much of their work.

All teachers in the program utilize google classroom, so parents and students are able to stay connected.

All of the teachers in the program volunteered to teach in AMSA and went through a separate interview process after already teaching in Vineland Public Schools.  

As high school students, children have access to nearly every high school club, sport, and activity.  By being arranged this way, students have the best of both worlds: small class sizes and individualized attention, and the large number of activities and sports that a Group IV high school offer.

Students who are successful graduate with an Associate's degree in one of three science pathways from Rowan College of South Jersey before graduating from Vineland High School.

See the videos below for information about STEM education and some of the competitions in which AMSA students participate.