AMSA Change Letter

AMSA Change Letter



April 11, 2022


Dear Parent/Guardian:


Vineland Public Schools created the AMSA Program in 2014-15 for students who have a strong interest and ability in math and science.  For several years, the program has existed at Johnstone School as a grade 5-12 program.


The purpose of this letter is to explain changes that will be happening at AMSA. Johnstone School will continue to serve as the site for the AMSA program in grades 6-12. Moving forward, students will be accepted to the program starting in grade 6 and above according to district procedures. The program will follow the high school schedule and additional courses will be brought to VHS Johnstone School from the Career & Technical Education department of Vineland High School.


All students who would have been eligible to attend AMSA for the 5th grade will receive services through the LEAP Program at their neighborhood school.  All 6th-12th grade students at Johnstone will be under the supervision of VHS staff and directed by the principal of Vineland High School, Mrs. Suzette DeMarchi.


The existing curricular structure will continue and will allow students to reach the same academic goals, such as an Associate’s degree, that students at AMSA now have. The district is also pursuing additional pathways for students to earn Associate's degrees through Rowan College of South Jersey and Stockton University beyond those in the science and math fields in areas such as Liberal Arts and the Humanities. If you have questions about the program, please kindly contact me.


Thank you for your support of your child.  We look forward to working with you.




Ross A. Stanger
Supervisor of Instruction
Vineland Public Schools
Vineland, NJ 08360
(856)794-6700 ext. 2016