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Special Education

Special Education

The Special Education Department of Vineland Public Schools believes that each child has the ability to learn when given the opportunity.  It is our responsibility to provide the necessary tools, knowledge and commitment to assist our students in realizing their full potential.  We believe that families are a valuable and vital part of the education process.  It is our intent that together we will take all necessary measures through specialized programming, services and support to meet the individual needs of students to ensure that they receive an appropriate educational experience.  

Vineland Public Schools provides a range of special education programs and services to our students who have Individual Education Programs (IEPs). Based on IEP recommendations, students with disabilities have access to a variety of learning environments.  In addition to academic services, Vineland Public Schools also provides related services such as speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and counseling.

The Special Education Department strives to pursue an active partnership with parents and the community through ongoing collaboration with all stakeholders. Through the vast array of programs as well as parent and community partnerships,  students will be empowered to reach their full potential, respect and value themselves and others, and become life-long learners.


Contact Information

Theresa Godlewski
Director of Special Education
856-794-6700 x2300

Kelly Castellini
Supervisor of Special Education (Preschool and Elementary School Levels)
856-794-6700 x2303

Alex Nonnemacher
Supervisor of Special Education (Middle School and High School Levels)
856-794-6700 x2302


Student Records Request

Lori Ostroff
856-794-6700 x2307

Pat Freiling
856-794-6700 x2309