Vineland Early Childhood Advisory Council (VECAC)

Vineland Early Childhood Advisory Council (VECAC)

What is VECAC?

Early childhood advisory council or “ECAC” means an advisory group of community stakeholders interested in the education and welfare of children in preschool through grade three that is convened by the school district (N.J.A.C.6A:13A-1.2). In Vineland, our ECAC is referred to as VECAC (Vineland Early Childhood Advisory Council).

Parents, Community Members, PK-3 Staff:

Join Us, Your Ideas and Voice are Needed!

Why Join the Vineland Education Early Childhood Advisory Council?

The Children Benefit

You will become an integral part of preparing our children to build a lifelong love of learning

The School Benefits

You will provide the Vineland Public Preschool Program with your ideas of how we can provide the appropriate resources to meet the needs of our families and support community partnerships

     YOU Benefit

You will have a chance to connect with people who share similar interests while getting an inside view of what is happening within the Vineland Public Preschool Program

For additional information please contact:

Heather Johnson, Community Parent Involvement Specialist 

for the Vineland Preschool Program 

at  or  856-794-6700 ext. 6601


The mission of the Vineland Early Childhood Advisory Council is to foster nurturing environments that support community partnerships, strengthen families, and prepare children as lifelong learners.


i. Advise on the planning and implementation of the preschool program and help support transition plans.

ii. Establish annual goals and recommendations to support our mission statement in coordination with local county council (CCCYC)

iii. Participate in the assessment of specific community needs and support and provide appropriate resources 

Goals for 2020-2021 School Year:

  1. Support the resolution to support the rights of immigrant children.

  2. Use assessments to determine the needs of our families and the community, support the identified needs with appropriate resources.

  3. Increase enrollment and help support transition.

  4. Work with the Cumberland County Council for Young Children (CCCYC) to support the needs of our families.