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Bid Results

PW # 02-21/22 Concrete & Masonry Services Bid Results

PW # 03-21/22 Carpet & Flooring Services Bid Reults

PW # 04-21/22 Roofing Services Bid Results 

PW # 05-21/22 Plumbing Services Bid Results

PW # 06-21/22 Electrical Services Bid Results

RFP # 07-21/22 Architect of Record Bid Results * will be posted soon*

Submission of Bids

 All potential bidders are to send their responses through the US Postal Service or other recognized delivery service that  provides certification of delivery to the sender. Bids can be hand delivered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of each week between the hours 8 am and 12 pm. The district will be CLOSED every Wednesday.

Opening of Bids—Online Live Streaming

The board of education is aware of N.J.S.A. 18A:18A-21 which states the following:

At such time and place the purchasing agent of the board of education shall publicly receive the bids and thereupon immediately proceed to unseal them and publicly announce the contents, which announcement shall be made in the presence of any parties bidding or their agents who are then and there present.

To ensure there is “social distancing” amongst all parties in the bid opening, the bid opening will be conducted via online live streaming. The names of the vendors and their prices will be announced on the online live streaming which may be viewed by the general public and interested parties on the advertised bid date and time.

The winning vendor’s bid packet will be scanned and posted on the district website for public view under the Bids/RFP tab. All potential bidders are to visit the board of education website and click on the link pertaining to the Opening of Bids via Online Live Streaming: 




Keith A. Salerno

Executive Director of Purchasing

856.794.6700 ext. 6801